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Polite Email Marketing with Robaitec that Works

The first rule of a good cold email is to make it scream: “I’m not a cold email”.

Most attempts fail here.

Before we send the first cold email to your prospects we conduct a week of research based on your team’s input via a detailed form and intro call. Based on that research we create a Campaign Plan which we use to build the Audience List and write highly targeted cold email copy

With big platforms getting saturated, it is increasingly hard to get a good ROI or ROAS (Return on ad Spend).

Our polite cold email channel still enables our clients to achieve a ROI of 300% ~ 1000%. We also AB test each campaign from the start to ensure the winning sequence is sent out to your target audience 24/7.

Grow Your Revenue

The qualified B2B leads that we generate grow our clients’ revenue

Profitability First

All our funnels are designed to be profitable from day one

Commission Based

Up to 70% of our fees are earned through client commissions.

Our Team is Ready to Help

Part of what makes our managed services so exceptional is that we are always available, regardless of time or holiday.

Grow Your Revenue,
With Email Marketing...

Everyone wants more revenue but few teams take the time to think through their USP and how to map this USP to their markets’ primary pain point in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Once the value prop is getting market traction, the next thing to figure out is how to scale your GTM motion in a cost effective way. Everyone can sell a dollar for 50 cents, the question is how to sell 50 cents for a $1.

LeadGen and revenue growth are the outcomes of our service but input is where the magic.

6 reasons why clients love working with us

Compared to other agencies, these are the 6 most common reasons why clients work with us:

Commission Based

Up to 80% of our fees are earned through client commissions.

100% Full Service

We build your target list, write cold copy and run your campaign.

Hyper Focussed Team

We strongly believe in focus hence we only offer cold email.

Polite Emails Only

We only send low volume, highly targeted and polite cold emails .

Profitability First

All our funnels are designed to be profitable from day one.

Qualified Leads Only

When a Lead replies, we qualify the lead to save your team time.

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