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Yes, I’ve worked on both and am happy to discuss what would work best for your project.

1. Expanding their Business Reach

2. Testing Email Campaigns and Drive Strong Results

3. Save Time and Effort

4. Connect With Different Audiences

We have many, I’m happy to share anything that doesn’t contain sensitive information.

Robaitec helps solving several business problems, including:

  1. Customer Engagement: Email marketing helps businesses maintain consistent communication with their audience. It’s a powerful way to keep customers engaged, informed, and interested in your products or services.

  2. Lead Generation: Email campaigns can be used to capture and nurture leads. By offering incentives like eBooks or newsletters, businesses can attract potential customers and convert them into paying clients.

  3. Customer Retention: Email marketing is a cost-effective method for retaining existing customers. It allows businesses to provide updates, special offers, and valuable content that keeps customers coming back for more.

  4. Brand Awareness: Regular emails help keep your brand top-of-mind with your audience. By consistently delivering content, promotions, and updates, you can reinforce brand awareness and trust.

✅Email marketing campaigns with an open rate of up to 38% open rate using SMTP and up to 75% without SMTP.

✅ 100% inbox deliverability.

✅ KPI reports for monitoring campaign performance.

✅ Perfect Warm-Up process.

✅ Increasing domain reputation.

✅ Follow-Up Campaign

✅ KPI Reports (Provided Every week to analyze campaign performance)

✅ Daily Campaign Scheduling

✅ Tracking Domain Setup

✅ Email Authentication

✅ All Authentication Processes including DKIM, SPF, DMARC, SOA, etc.

✅ Link Analysing

✅ Lead Generation

As part of my work with marketing teams, We oversaw the management of email marketing campaigns aimed at boosting companies’ brand awareness and achieving their marketing objectives. This involved creating advertising campaigns, conducting audits, developing pricing strategies, implementing email automation, and utilizing demographic data to target the desired audience. By employing these tactics, We successfully helped companies achieve their marketing goals through email advertising and increase their customer retention rates.

Experience:-  Handling B2B Cold Email Marketing for USA 3+ Transportation Company,

10+ web development company,

25+ E-Commerce,10+ Sportswear company,

7+ Finance company,

7+ Digital Agency,

3+ Sanitizer Manufacturer,

10+ Solar Company, 

9+ Cleaning Company with a self-built database of LinkedIn prospects.

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